The Experience

Every year The Red Road hosts an event in Tennessee that gives people the opportunity to experience Native American culture. One year we had a Family Fun day that included archery, shooting range (BB guns), blow darts, tipi, dancing, and buffalo burgers.

Another year we had an educational event addressing many of the realities of reservation life today, including the Cause and Effect of Residential Schools.  This included guest speaker, Richard Twiss (Lakota), dancing, Indian Taco’s, and lots of Native jewelry and artwork for sell. We also had a tipi set up.

The Red Road has hosted a luncheon and roundtable discussion with Kent Nerburn, author of Neither Wolf Nor Dog. This is a fantastic book that does an incredible job of showing, experientially, the differences in Native vs. non-Native perspectives on life. Many eyes were opened to the realities of Native America and this served as a great launching pad for multiple conversations and educational opportunities.

This year, The Red Road will host a Native American Worship Experience. Unlike western culture that divides life into Spiritual and Secular, our Native perspective is that all things have the “fingerprint” of God on it, because all things are made by the Creator. Thus, all of life is spiritual and not to be categorized as a Sunday morning event only. Next year’s event will have music, art, dance, and theatre.

Anyone interested in attending this event, please contact