Powwow Ministry

In 2010, The Red Road began a new effort to further develop relationships at some of the powwows we minister and dance at. With the help of friends and financial partners around the country, we set up a canopy at our powwow campsite and provided FREE Starbucks coffee and Monkey Bars (nutritional granola bars) to anyone who stopped by. At a large powwow in Browning, Montana we gave away 600 cup of coffee in 3 days. Then at a powwow in Alberta, Canada, we gave away the final 200 cups of coffee we had brought with us.

This idea of providing a “gathering place” really opened the doors to new friendships and strengthened old ones. In the future we hope to provide other types of snacks, as well as materials for people who are dealing with life issues (addictions, suicides, abandonment, identity, etc.).